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Hello, and welcome!

Listed below are the features and benefits of hiring R.E.S.T. Ag & Auction to get the highest price possible at your estate auction.

We offer several price packages for our sellers depending on how involved you want us to be. Currently we are only able to offer household auctions with listing the home/real estate. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or text 402-640-4000.

Craig & Penny Korth

Initial Stages

  • We will visit with you at no cost or obligation about your personal property. 

  • A market analysis may be done to determine what your property is worth.

  • We do all the legwork gathering information to best represent your property. 

Inventory & Boxing
(boxing optional for DIY package)

  • Once we are hired, we will inventory the personal property you are selling. 

  • An average 4-hour household auction will take over 100 hours of boxing items, that doesn't include the time it takes collecting between 500 to 1000 boxes. 

Photography & Videos

  • Care is taken to capture photos and videos of your property when lighting is optimal.

Custom Sale Bill 

  • Designed, Printed & Posted within a 30 mile radius of the the auction.

  • Posted to: Banks,

    • VFW

    • Gas Stations

    • Restaurants

    • Bars

    • Post Office

    • Senior Centers

    • Bowling Alleys

Custom Web Page on
R.E.S.T. Ag & Auction Website

Custom Marketing Plan 


                                                     PAID ADS (optional)

  • Paid Ads reach thousands of Facebook and Instagram users.

  • Audience profiling is used to target buyers interested in household auctions or specific items you are selling.

                                               GROUP POSTS

Group Posts are specific to an area or interest. To reach even more buyers, your auction will be posted to 20+ Facebook Groups and bumped weekly.

RADIO (optional)

Your auction may be chosen for a local radio ad to boost exposure to buyers.


Audio 1Craig Korth
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An ad will be created and posted for 3-4 weeks prior to your auction.

Weekly Updates

After inventory, there's a lot of work that happens behind the sceens. We will be in touch with you weekly to update you on what we've been working on and what is coming up the next week. 


  • We offer up-to-date technology with computerized check in and check out which helps us provide fast customer service and and acurate reporting for our sellers. 


  • Our clerking office can seat up to 5 clerks assuring speedy customer service.

  • Our auction topper has functional windows on both sides - useful for larger auctions with limited space.

  • We have several flatbed trailers to load all of your personal property onto and auction from so everyone in the crowd can see what item is being sold.


  • Every auction is different and offers different items. Exact pricing without seeing your personal propety is not guaranteed. 

  • The more high-dollar items you have at your auction, the better the turn out/crowd and the lower the commission rate.

  • DIY: For the do-it yourselfers who do everything from boxing up all of the personal property, cleaning automobiles and equipment being sold, to site preperatation, we offer a reduced commission. 

  • Full Service: This package is for the folks who need to have an auction, but don't have the time or resources to box up and organize their personal property and clean their automobiles/equipment. We are able to provide this service for a set commission plus labor expenses. 

Craig REST Ag Business Card - Auction (2024).jpg
Penny REST Ag Business Card - Auction (2024).jpg

I "we" know why people depend on you to "get the job done"...Craig and Penny you two and your crew are awesome and know how to "get the job done".  Great to know there are people like you that can be trusted with family treasures.
Thank you for being these kind of people that we all can rely on.

Peggysue Miller


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